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Lecture Series

Carbon Neutrality in Building Design and Construction

Developed by academics, researchers, and design professionals from Aalto University and Yale University, this series of lectures is designed to illuminate the role of carbon in the built environment and to help designers understand the principles and assumptions that underlie carbon assessment methods and analytical tools.



Life Cycle Approach


3.1 Life Cycle Approach

3.2 The Assessment Process

3.3 System Boundaries

3.4 Production Phase

3.5 Construction Phase

3.6 Use Phase

3.7 End of Life Phase

3.8 Beyond Life Cycle

3.9 Presenting the Result 


Re-Forming the Anthropocene

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Teach from the Syllabus


Carbon Flows in the Built Environment


2.1 Building Elements

2.2 A Global Carbon Budget

2.3 The Carbon Cycle in Building History

2.4 Carbon Flows in Building(s)

2.5 Time Management in Carbon Mitigation


Low Carbon Thinking


4.1 Concerns and Considerations of Decarbonization

4.2 Building Externalities

4.3 Agency in Decarbonized Design

4.4 Basic Principles of Decarbonized Design

4.5 The Decarbonized Design Process

4.6 Decarbonizing our Material Palette


Our Carbon Problem

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Why Carbon?

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Teach from the Syllabus

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